Tree Nut Allergy

Tree Nut Allergy

Tree nut allergies are very common. They are in fact the most commonly reported food related allergies in children as well as adults. Tree nuts include many different food products such as walnuts, almonds, pecans, macadamia nuts and various other varieties. A tree nut allergy can be fatal depending on the severity of your condition. Most people, nearly seventy percent in fact, have no idea that they are allergic to tree nuts until after they have ingested them. The allergies are typically for life meaning that you will never outgrow them, although children younger than two years of age have been known to lose their tree nut allergies as they grow older.

Types of Nuts That Affect Tree Nut Allergies

It is important to understand that people are very rarely allergic to one specific type of tree nut. You should also understand that peanuts are not included in tree nuts so if you are allergic to peanuts then that does not mean that you have a tree nut allergy. Most physicians advise that patients with these allergies avoid eating foods that have any trace of tree nuts in them. This also includes various drinks and many moisturizers and soap products that may contain tree nut oils. Avoiding tree nuts altogether is a much safer way to deal with your tree nut allergy. The FALCPA or Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act has set up strict requirements for manufacturers of products that contain any trace of tree nuts or tree nut oils. These ingredients are required to be included on the label of the package to give those with tree nut allergies fair warning of their contents. You should be careful to avoid any products that contain even trace amounts of tree nuts. The most common types of tree nuts include cashews, Brazil nuts, pecans, pistachios, walnuts, almonds, chestnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts and macadamia nuts. Those with a tree nut allergy are advised to avoid these nuts and any food or drink that may contain them even in the smallest amounts.

Other Products

Other products such as lotions and soaps may also contain traces of tree nut oils. Other tree nuts may trigger allergies although some of these have not been reported as causing fatal symptoms. Tree nut oils such as Shea nut, butternut, beechnut, coconut and many others are used widely in manufacturing shampoos, lotions and other hygiene products. If you have a tree nut allergy then your physician may also recommend that you avoid products that contain other types of tree nuts or use them for fragrance or moisturizing. Although coconuts have only recently been considered a tree nut, they are also considered to be risky for those with allergies and should likely be avoided. Tree nuts and various tree nut oils are found readily in products such as chocolate, candies, energy bars, marinades, ice cream, cookies and even crackers. Those with allergies must learn how to properly read the labels on any food items that they ingest to ensure that they are not inadvertently ingesting something that could have dire symptoms. It is also important to understand what you should do if you are with someone having an allergic reaction to tree nuts or if you experience a reaction yourself.

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