Push Nut

Push Nut

A push nut is designed to facilitate pushing and twisting with less than the full three hundred and sixty degree turn. Such nuts are made from nylon that however is not reinforced. These nuts can be used for various applications. There are also quite a few online sites that carry a complete range of such nuts. Aarons Push Nuts is one such site. To find a suitable nut you need to enter its body size. These industrial fasteners have machined threads and are truly revolutionary.

Industrial fastening

Push nut for industrial fastening can be pushed very easily on any fastener that happens to be threaded and it can also be tightened by hand and also with the help of a wrench. There are two different fastening methods which are the turn screw and the turn nut methods. The push nut is a very useful item and is much better than the conventional kind of machine screw nut. This is because the former kind of nut can cut down the time taken to assemble by up to fifty percent and even more.


Push nuts are also rust-proof and they also are corrosion free. What’s more, these nuts are easy to remove and reuse and are made from polyamide which is otherwise known as nylon. This particular feature helps to ensure that such nuts will not bite into the threads of a bolt and so will not damage the plating in any way. In addition, threads made from nylon also facilitate a better locking capability and simultaneously also provides much better stripping force.

Non conductive

A good push nut is generally non conductive and so can be used safely with different electrical applications including for use on printed circuit board assemblies. What’s more, there is no need to use any special tools to perform the assembly.


The Starlock push nut is another example of good quality nuts that are designed to facilitate quick as well as efficient and permanent assembly. Each such push nut has been very carefully manufactured from the best quality steel and the nuts are also heat treated to provide better holding capabilities. All that is needed is to push the nut on to a shaft. This will provide the right kind of grip and fix and because this is achieved instantly it helps to obviate the need to use expensive threading or grooving operations.

Once the push nut has been fixed, it remains secure and cannot be removed without causing certain amount of destruction. The Starlock push nut can be supplied in the form of stainless steel and spring and in many different designs as well as finishes including uncapped and capped. With such superior features, it is hardly surprising that the Starlock push nut has been widely used in thousands of different products for industrial as well as domestic purposes.

The main reason why it pays to choose a Starlock push nut is because these are available without need to machine and they also offer easier assembly results and that too in a most economical manner which suits all kinds of different machining and engineering requirements.

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